"Historic Highlights" for Gilford Steamer’s 1 July 2004 issue

Fund Raising addressed by Thompson-Ames Historical Society

Early each spring the Board of Directors of Thompson-Ames Historical Society set the year’s program of activities, areas of preservation and restoration to be addressed, and fund—raising goals needed to underwrite the associated costs.

During the Monday, June 28th T-AHS monthly Board meeting, the officers and directors reviewed this year’s plans.

First to be discussed were the activities which were offered to the public during May and June.

As in the past, the educational field trips arranged for the students in grade three are considered a real success not only in the eyes of the students, their teachers and estimated 40± parent-volunteer chaperones but also in the eyes of the 20± T—AHS volunteers who served as docent/tour guides during the 30+ hours of field trip time. One aspect of the field trip activities saw nine ABC Quilts made, thanks to efforts of the students who designed individual squares and the T-AHS volunteers who did the sewing. As has become customary, a small photograph album was made for each of the five classes to have as a keepsake of memorable experiences as the students actively learned about Gilford’s cultural history.

participation in Diane Alting’s third grade undertaking to create an A B "Sees" Gilford produced a delightful book, which was dedicated to three T—AHS members "for their help in making this project a success." Seventy copies of the book were given to T—AHS to sell in order to help raise funds for Society endeavors.

"Founders Day" Open House and Quest activities, on the 12th and 19th of June, although well received, suffered from the competition of sports events, graduation and Bike Week attractions.

Those two Saturdays were also T—AHS Work Days —— and truly successful in respect to essential work that was done! Volunteers rolled up their sleeves to do essential gardening, cleaning, carpentry and painting as well as up—dating signs.

In full view on the bridge in the Village is an up-dated sign that solicits support to match a $2,500 Samuel P. Pardoe Foundation Preservation and Restoration Grant to help to fund climate control at the Meetinghouse and to underwrite the cost of a T-AHS website to further promote public access of Gilford’s museum collections. This goal is part of this year’s T-AHS $10,000 fund drive to address current preservation and restoration projects in the Grange and Meetinghouse as well as to underwrite program costs. An August 1st deadline for this fund raising has been set by Thompson-Ames Historical Society.

Inquiries can be addressed to Thompson-Ames Historical Society at 527-9009 or by e-mail at thomames@worldpath.net.