Historic Highlights" for Gilford Steamer’s 11 Nov. 2004 issue--page:lof2

Fulfilling the Timeless Urge to be Creative

Thompson-Ames Historical Society’s collections include many items that reflect people’s timeless urge to be creative.

Historically, on one hand, ceativity shows itself as a secondary factor when the primary goal is to meet a utilitarian need.

One example of this is found at the Rowe House. On the mantel in the dining room is a wooden bottle stopper that someone whittled. But the stopper goes beyond its utilitarian purpose and is a pleasing form of folk art.

Another example is the Union Meetinghouse ‘s interior paneling of the 1880s era. To cover the crumbling plaster, Gust Copp and others installed paneling but not in just a strictly utilitarian manner. The paneling’s concentric chevrons, rectangles and squares as well as the trompe l’oeil are truly creative. The intricacy of the paneling is in good part the basis of the building’s having been included on the New Hampshire State Registry of Historic Places.

On the other hand, to create beauty just for itself is also evident in Thompson-Ames Historical Society’s collections. Two examples are historic wreathes which are on display in the Union Meetinghouse. One is made of wool, colored with dyes developed from sources on the farm. The other is made of human hair, collected from family members, and crafted artfully by Jennie Copp (wife of Gust Copp).

This urge to be creative is recognized by Thompson-Ames Historical Society to be not only historic but also timeless. This realization is kept in mind as the Society plans its offerings each year.

By popular request, an annual offering at this time of the year has been Marge Muehlke’s "Creating a Boxwood Centerpiece" workshop. This year’s workshop will be held on Friday evening, November 19th from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., upstairs in Grange Hall.

Since a boxwood centerpiece is long lived, creativity reflected in seasonal decorative touches can extend the centerpiece’s appropriateness from Thanksgiving in November, on into the December holiday season, and even into the New Year.

To register for the "Creating a Boxwood CenterpieCe" workshop, please telephone Marge at Muehlke’s Christmas Tree Farm, 524-9507. To ensure success of the workshop, attendance will be limited.

A small fee to cover workshop materials will be charged. Creativity unleashed in this workshop is certain to put the participants in the holiday mood.