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Arthur Ames Tilton cared greatly for his home town as well as for the immediate and larger community of which Gilford was part.
Like his parents and his grandparents, he kept and treasured that which hard work had enabled him to have. Any item which was still useful, although perhaps out of date / fashion, was worth keeping; all such items undoubtedly had a story, a history.

But, on the other hand, present-day advances were to be marveled at, too, and were desired, not shunned, nor avoided. Developing wide interests, therefore, naturally occurred.

A skillful woodworker, whether the item be associated with water or land, Arthur gave his best effort and the end product showed both his caring and his skill. The free-standing cabinets in his sitting room reflect the same skills evinced in his Old Lakeshore Road home that he updated with solid paneling for walls and cabinets and open book cases that he built in the kitchen, dining room, and sitting room.

Photographs, items and books abound to reveal a wide range of interests that were first sparked by his parents and his grandparents.

History was of special interest to Arthur who gave much of himself to the hometown that he loved. Now he became part of the warp and woof of Gilford's history.