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Farm Display
The farm theme of this area is readily apparent when the artistic rendition of a cow standing in a stanchion comes into view. Nearby are a sign from Smiling Hill Farm, milk bottles from local dairies, and a metal box for delivery of bottles of milk to the doorstep. A milk separator, a cheese press and a butter churn also relate the dairy sequence.

A heavy old plow is reflective of how farmers tilled the land - while a contrast is offered by more recent designs that are lighter in weight and multi-functional.

A corn shucker and a machine to cut corn stalks exemplify silage preparation.
Human ingenuity is reflected in a pair of metal mesh muzzles designed to prevent oxen from stopping to munch grass while they were working.

An ox yoke and horse collars show how the power of working farm animals was harnessed, while the heavy iron fork device for taking hay up into the barn again shows how utilitarian need can tap human creativity.

The presence of chickens on farms is echoed by the incubator and devices used to feed and water the chickens.

Looking down on the display are photographs of farm land and farmers who took pride in their farms and farm animals.