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Monetary contributions are essential to meet the financial needs of Thompson-Ames Historical Society.

Since Gilford's historical society is recognized as a not-for-profit charitable entity organized for educational purposes, contributions to Thompson-Ames Historical Society are tax deductible up to the limits of each donor.

An annual fund raising drive helps raise needed money as does writing to apply for available charitable grants.

Well over $100,000 has been raised since 1997 to fund the preservation and restoration efforts in respect to the Union Meetinghouse and Grange Museum Building.

Beginning at the Gilford Town Meeting in the spring of the year 2000, a budget line item in the amount of $10,000 has been requested of and granted by the residents of Gilford to enable Thompson-Ames Historical Society to employ part-time a collection manager to address the counteless items that reflect Gilford's cultural heritage.

To help raise needed funds, volunteer efforts have enable T-AHS to conduct an annual raffle and to have items to sell in the Gift Shoppe section of the Historic Store.

For more information on making a financial contribution to the Society, please contact us at 527-9009.

To view our selection of items for sale in the Gift Shoppe, click here...