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Thompson-Ames Historical Society is a not-for-profit organization designed to preserve and celebrate the cultural history of Gilford, New Hampshire.

Thompson-Ames Historical Society dates back to 1943, a time when Gilford's "farm-way-of-life" was fast disappearing.

Some local citizens, seeing a need to preserve and to celebrate Gilford's cultural history, organized an historical society for Gilford and took the name "Thompson-Ames Historical Society" to honor the lineage of home -town benefactor George Ames.

Over the years, Thompson-Ames Historical Society has received many items which reflect Gilford's cultural heritage. The historical society's mission is to preserve these items and the museum buildings in which they are housed in order to make these vintage items and buildings available to the public.

Thompson-Ames Historical Society welcomes requests for tours and field trips. Each spring kindergartners visit as part of their becoming familiar with Gilford community buildings and services. Also, teachers arrange spring field trips for students in third grade as part of their study of Gilford and its history. Each third-grade class spends three afternoons participating in field-trip activities, visiting each of the three museum buildings.

Monthly programs are offered free to society members and to the public, May through December, to highlight a wide array of historic topics.

Visiting Thompson-Ames Historical museum exhibits has long been an annual custom on Gilford's Old Home Day.

To carry out its educational mission, Thompson-Ames Historical Society depends upon volunteers and their many efforts.